Get on that game is the first idea/channel to have a video and members.


It was started by DW (Dan) when Get on that Podcast failed. After asking around on his Skype Outsider and Utimate volintered later Weavernater and Entorian  joined. DW (and meny of the other members) were apart of an other group at the time (TUKG), DW said to the group that he was leaveing and was still willing to be friends with them. MCinSimple was asked if he wanted to join the group and accepted. Crafter and Wolter  joined after a while.

The group uploaded there first video "Get on that minecraft: Super flat survival" on 11th Oct 2013, the video stared DW, Utimate, Outsider and Entorian. Waster Joined soon after the video and came an Officail member when makeing the temperly logo.

Outsider got kicked from the group due to personal problems with members. Meny videos where posted after that, mainly ones with Weavernater and DW. Weavernater left the group after a while. George and VrZ Gaming became Admins once he left.

Members Edit


Other OfficialEdit

  • Crafter
  • Waster


  • Wolter
  • MCinSimple
  • Adam

Ex membersEdit

  • Outsider
  • Weavernater


Note: might be incorrect or in the wrong order

  • Get on that Game is started by DW
  • Utimate and Outsider joins
  • Rowan and Weavernater joins
  • MCinSimple joins
  • Wolter and Crafter joins
  • Rowan, Utimate and Outsider become Official due to being in a video
  • Waster joins
  • Waster and Crafer become official members

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