DW is the founder and admin of Get on that game. He has his own youtube and is probbly the worst gamer

Some attributes
First Real Name: Daniel Drayson
Second Lives: England, UK
Third Age:15
Other attributes
Fourth Subscribers: 100+
Fifth Member since: 2013
Sixth Roles: Admin, Editor, Advertiser, Recorder
out of the group.


TheDW11 started Youtube in December 2010, but he didn't start with gaming videos though. He started gaming in 2011 with WWE Highlight Reels, he would later start commentary on WWE12 with just a camera and kept saying that he was going to get a Dazzle. 

In the meantime he started to do a Minecraft video to test Fraps. The test didn't go as planned and he realised that he needed to buy it. He had a long break from youtube. When he came back he did a timetable to upload one every day. In this he started to play Tekkit, Call of Duty, Command and Conquer, Sumotori Dreams and Slender.

In March 2013 he started his first multiplayer gameplay with Entorian and called it minecraft multieplayer thanks to his bad spelling. This Series is still on going and has been with many others.

Months later he joined UKGP and started The DW's Club.

On 21st of June 2013/June 21 2013 he hit 50 subscribers in which he did a Slender video to say thanks but didnt get far and had no jump scares. Soon after he was sponster by darkknight. 

He made TheDW211 his Main channel due to joining theDDD at the same time he remade The DW's Club. TheDDD split up but return as TUKG which didn't last long ether. DW when on to make Get on that game. He continued on thedw211 for a while however he soon went back to his orignal channel. He Hit 100 subs later on.

On going series on his channelEdit

  • Minecraft: Apha Days w/ Waster, Rival and Eli
  • Left 4 dead 2
  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2
  • Scavenger Hunt w/ Waster and MrTwice


"Hello everyone it's thedw11/Crazyman DW here"

"and i'm here with some people/Pooples"

"People (_____)"

"Da Camera Movement"

"We/l move the camera"


"Haya ______ "

"What da hell man"

"Ya can't go that way, ya can't go this way, goto go this way"

"Damm you (_____)"

"Wow Dump " (to Dumbster)

"bye imaginary people" (to anouy Dumbster)

"Why is this ______ I don't know"

"If you didn't know all reddy"



"Don't ask me why"

"UltimateSpudNick!" (said when seeing a potato)

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